Kripalu Yoga empowers individuals to discover and listen to their inner wisdom through increased awareness of body, mind, and spirit. Working with the classic asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation (observing the activity in your mind or focusing on something specific like breathing or gazing at an object), and relaxation, Kripalu Yoga teachers offer students a natural, experientially-based approach to on-the-mat Yoga practice, inner and outer alignment, skillful living, and life as a path of inquiry – our daily Yoga ‘off the mat’. Kripalu Yoga is compatible with all other styles and traditions of Yoga practice, and our teachers often incorporate aspects of other traditions into the practice.

What is unique about Kripalu Yoga is that it helps you find your own Yoga, a practice that is well suited to your unique body.  You do not strive to be ‘better’, or to ‘look good’ in a pose.  Rather you focus on what the pose feels like in your body.  So if you have pain in your shoulders when you reach your arms out from your sides and lift them until they frame your head, then you try reaching your arms forward and then lifting them, or you just place your hands on your hips.  And if you cannot touch your toes when you bend forward, you ‘let go’ of that goal and focus on what you feel and where you feel it – if you feel a strong stretch in the back of your thighs, then you are doing the pose as it is intended; if you feel it in the back of your knees instead of your thighs, then you bend your knees until you feel the sensation move to the back of your thighs.  This is your Yoga, and we help you discover it, explore it, and work to whatever level of challenge suits you in a class (and that can vary week to week).  Your body is the best teacher you will ever have, and we are there to be your guide to learning to listen to the inner wisdom of your body, mind and spirit.

Many of our Serenity teachers were certified at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health; others have trained in other traditions or styles of Yoga.  All of us have practiced several different styles of Yoga, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, and all of our personal Yoga experiences and practices inform our teaching.  We teach from our own Yoga experiences and from the sound foundation and principles that we learned in our various trainings.

A hallmark of Kripalu Yoga is a Mantra consisting of – Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow.  We try to incorporate each element into every class.